Airplay on CBC Homerun

I found out that Alibi was played on Homerun on March 20th. Here is the evidence...

Lavender CD Customer List

Customer #2 would be my brother Sid. Actually based on his "funding" he could very well be Customer#2-#32. Cheers Sid! Accompanied by his handsome cat Mr Truffles
Customer #3 happens to be an accomplished musician: Daniel Stecko
Customers #4a, 4b…

First Pressed CD Album Sale Goes To:

Tania from Van Houtte  Brossard has purchased the first pressed Lavender CD. Thanks so much Tania. For those of you who don't know her she is a wonderful person and I think she will bring the album good luck! I…

Lead Track From Lavender Featured

Alibi was featured on the US music blog It was actually an article about the Dos and Don'ts of music submission letters. My letter was used as an example and luckily it had more of the "dos" than "dont's"…

The Pressed Lavender CDs are in!

I have not chosen a company to do handle the CD sales transactions as of yet. If anyone wants to buy a CD we could work something out. I would be happy to ship them personally!

First album review for Lavender is in!

Lavender is the third album from songsmith Hemant Rao. He has a lovely melodic voice and writes mellow yet seductive material. George Harrison is a reference point with merit, and he sites Crowded House as an influence (never a bad…

Le Riverain

Back to Le Riverain in Ormstown Sat April 26. Wonderful food and staff, will be playing two full sets starting at 7PM.

Lavender CDs in Production

The album Lavender has been available on Itunes and CDbaby for several months. The CD version will be available in the next week.