Hemant Rao is a canadian singer/songwriter and Montreal native. His three albums are available on Itunes and CDbaby.

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A bit of info 

It is high time for an update. The Via Rail Tour went very well, we may do it again this year. Met a lot of people and played right across the country. It has been quiet on the website only because I have been very busy musically. A new endeavor is complete but I am waiting for the appropriate time for it's release. Let's just say there are some wonderful things on the horizon!


The tour will be from Toronto to Vancouver. I will be playing on the train throughout the trip. Dates yet to be determined for Vancouver.

The New Album 

The new album is coming along well. Ten new songs have been written, two to go. Drum tracks done for 4 songs and bass (Anthony Kerr) completed for two. Keep on keeping on!!!

Fifth Album Review Is In 

I received a great review from Tim Readman. Tim is a prolific Vancouver based singer/songwriter. He also writes for the Edmonton music magazine Penguin Eggs. Thanks so much Tim for the review!

Montreal based singer songwriter Hemant Rao’s latest CD is a collection of original songs that brings to mind a variety of influences. There’s a few shades of David Gray, perhaps a hint of Mark Knopfler and maybe a pinch of Sting (when he was a good Police-man) detectable here. Rao has a lightness of touch that helps the material to skip along and a way with gently catchy hooks that subtly worm their way into your ears. There’s some tasty playing too-notably the man himself on slide guitar, as well as tight ensemble playing from the band. His singing is unforced and pleasantly smooth and floats over the instrumental tracks effortlessly. It’s deceptively simple, attractively sweet and surprisingly deep.

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Previous events

VIA Rail Music Tour


I have been booked through the Via Rail Artist Program. I will be playing on the train from Toronto to Vancouver. Then more gigs in the whereabouts of Vancouver.